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Benefits Of Everstryke Matches

There’s nothing worse than needing to start a fire and not being able to get it going. With Everstryke Matches, this task is made far more manageable. There’s never a need to search for a match that will light; you’re going to get your light every time that you reach for your match.

Everstryke Matches are manufactured to meet and exceed the needs of those who require a match to start a fire. The tool is excellent as a survival tool and will work well even to light up a cigarette.

There are many great benefits to using Everstryke Matches.

The Everstryke Match is designed to be a survival tool. Every survivalist should invest in one or more of these to add to their bug out kit. Every bug out KIT should have at least one of these on hand at all times. You never know when you’re going to have to bug out so you’ll want to make sure that your home, office, car and other places that you may frequent all have at least one of these at the ready. Keep one in your bug out location as well. This will ensure that you’ll have the means to start a fire when you need to.

Your toolbox isn’t complete without one or more of these in your tools. How many times have you needed a lighter or match while working on something? You’re sure to appreciate having these in your toolbox.

These are a must-have for campers. You’ll find a myriad of benefits for using this while camping. From campfires to the cookstove you’re sure to use it several times per day.

Hikers will appreciate having these in their gear. If you’re lost or need to build a fire to stay warm, you’ll always have a match at the ready and no need to worry about it getting wet in a sweaty pocket.

Ideal to store in the kitchen tool drawer. When the power goes out, you won’t have to search for matches to light candles or lamps. You’ll have one at the ready at all times.

As a survival match, this is the ideal choice. It can not only light a cigarette; it can burn a signal fire, campfire or small cookstove. These are highly rated, and many have stated that this is their go-to tool for many of their needs.

Those who have woodstoves appreciate the ease with which they can light the stove and have heat going in their homes. It’s quick and easy and beats having to strike a match repeatedly to get that fire started.

These are very easy to refill with lighter fluid. You can use any lighter fluid in your Everstryke. No need for special fluids that cost a small fortune. Just remember to keep some on hand for when your EverStyrke is empty.

Ideal for use in all weather. If it’s raining or snowing many matches directly won’t work due to the dampness. The Everstryke however, will work regardless of the weather, so it’s an ideal option to keep in your emergency pack.

It was recently redesigned, so it’s better than ever before. With the ease of use and the myriad of benefits you can’t go wrong.

Many free deals online to get your first Everstryke. All you have to pay is shipping which is very reasonable. If you’re in need of an ever-ready match and not entirely sure, this is a great way to try one out.

Easy to replace flint. This flint acts as a wick and will last up to ten times longer than other models.

The flint and the wick are all-inclusive as a fire starter kit.

Fits easily into a pocket, purse, glove box, drawer or anywhere else that you want to keep one handy.

Everstryke burns hot. The flame will burn at over 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Each match can have over 15,000 strikes and will burn for a more extended period.

The special O-Ring will prevent the fuel from evaporating.

It will never burn your fingertips.

It’s made up of high-quality Stainless Steel.

This is ideal for law enforcement agents, emergency medical technicians, survivalists, military troops, homeowners, renters, anyone who must have the means to start a fire in an emergency situation.

Uses a tiny amount of lighter fluid. It’s sealed tightly and will last for an extended period of time.

The flame is small, yet mighty enough to start a great campfire or another type of fire.

Flame is low enough to light a cigarette without burning yourself.

Comes with a compact keychain that makes it easy to have on hand at all times.

The Everstryke Match offers a simple yet very sturdy design.

Such a small profile that you can clip it to your backpack or purse and not have to waste time looking for it in an emergency situation.

Excellent for use as a backup source of a lighter. When you’re not sure the matches will work, this unit is an ideal choice to have on hand or as a backup.

Perfect for boaters. No worry of this unit was getting wet and not working. If you’re out boating, this is a must-have unit for starting a fire.

You’re not going just to get a spark; you’re going to get an actual flame.

This is a very high-quality unit that works well and won’t take too much lighter fluid.

The company itself offers excellent customer service.

Once you order this, you’ll appreciate the quick delivery of your product.

The Everstryke Match offers an affordable solution for all of your match lighting needs. You won’t have to search high and low for a match that works when you need it if you have this unit on hand. It’s readily affordable, and you can order several so that you have one in all of the locations that you need to keep matches handy. Everstryke matches are a great alternative to other always at the ready matches.

The Benefits Of The Firekable Bracelet

A Firekable bracelet is a survival tool that contains a concealed striker and Ferro rod. The producers of this product encourage users to wear this bracelet in survival situations or while camping. There are a variety of benefits and uses for this product, but to start off with here is some information on this product.

What Is The FireKable Bracelet?

The FireKable Paracord is designed like a bracelet and is made to be worn around the wrist. At first appearance, the bracelet looks just like any other type of paracord bracelet. However, the primary difference is that this product features a concealed striker and Ferro rod neatly tucked inside. The striker and the Ferro rod hold the benefits of being able to start up a fire quickly. This rod strikes at more than 3,000 degrees which creates sparks that will instantly light kindling.

The manufacturers of this product designed these bracelets so that they are mildew and rot resistant. This means that the Ferro rod will typically last thousands and thousands of strikes when used correctly.

Survival Life, the manufacturers of the FireKable bracelet, have advertised this product as one of the “ultimate” survival tools. This bracelet not only offers you with a useful tool to start a fire that could save your life, but it also provides more than 80 feet of durable and usable cord.

Below are some of the outstanding benefits and uses of the FireKable Bracelet:

• Tie Tarp To Trees

Paracord is stronger than standard rope and is regarded as a handy tool you can use when you are looking for a way to secure the tarp to create a shelter.

• Lanyard To Safely Secure Items Such As Knife Or Keys

There are a host of lanyard projects you can use with your Firekable bracelet. This is due to the versatility and flexibility of this material. This lanyard offers you with easy-access to essential items when you are on-the-go.

• Emergency Snare Using One Of The Strands Inside

If you are stranded in the wild, the paracord is a useful tool to use to trap an animal. Snares may appear as primitive but have proven to be extremely useful. You can also use your paracord to trap human enemies.

• Fishing Line Using The Inner Strands

You can use your Firekable bracelet to catch fish. If you already have a rod and a fishing-hook, regardless of whether it is improvised or ready-made, you are armed and ready to go out and get some much-needed food.

• Boot Laces

This is an ideal way to carry a lot of paracord, and nobody will even notice. Your boots are the perfect place to store long stretches of this cordage.

• Dental Floss Using The Inner Strands

In a survival scenario or stranded in the wilderness, your hygiene may fall by the wayside for far more critical aspects, but this doesn’t mean you have to neglect your teeth. For effective dental floss, cut off the outer shell and use the inner strands as an easy way to remove plaque and food that is stuck between your teeth.

• Emergency Suture Using The Inner Strands

A serious and in some cases fatal injury can occur anywhere and at any time. To avoid an unnecessary fatality, add your Firekable bracelet into a first-aid kit, as you can use it to close up a gaping wound or deep cut.

• Dog Leash

Survivalist and preppers that love their dogs will undoubtedly enjoy the benefit of using their bracelet as an emergency dog leash.

• Wrap Up A Knife Handle

In any case, a knife handle can snap or break due to hard use. Your Paracord bracelet can serve as a durable and effective substitute. This will also make your knife a lot easier to grip and hold. You can also choose to make one loop at the end side of the handle which adds in additional handling options.

Who Makes The Firekable Paracord?

Survival Life is the company that produces the Firekable bracelets. This business is linked with the FPA (Family Protection Association) that required monthly payments for people to join. This group aims at educating members in regards to the most up-to-date survival methods along with other useful tactics to help keep their families safe. The membership of this company is $20 monthly or $100 for a year.

The company Survival Life can be found in Austin, Texas and maintains a survival online and active blog that regularly features the latest strategies and tactics. Some of these include “DIY Survival Candles: The Olive Oil Lamp,” “10 Items To Help You Survive When You Are Alone In The Wilderness.”

Should The FireKable Paracord Bracelet Be Added To Your EDC?

Your EDC (every day carry) items can result in the difference between an untimely death and life. Regardless of whether you prefer to stay prepared or you find yourself in survival situations, the FireKable bracelet is a budget-friendly and straightforward way in which to make yourself safer when you are stuck out in the wild or on-the-go.

The cable safely stores a striker and Ferro rod which is a sufficient tool to help you get a fire started quickly. However, you will still need the basic fire-making skills to make the most of this tool and do not be disappointed when you are unable to achieve a flame from your first strike. However, the manufacturers of the product promise that you will get many uses out of this fire starter. The bracelet also offers you with more than 80 feet of a ready to use rope or cord.

The Paracord bracelets are not one of the latest inventions, but the addition of the striker and Ferro rod makes this product stand out from the crowd. If you are one of the many people that prefer to be prepared for anything, the FireKable bracelet is the ideal survival tool for you.

Emergency Optic Firestarter and How it Could Save Your Life

The art and magic of lighting a fire is a skill as old as humanity itself. While mankind has produced some very effective ways of starting a fire, modern lighters and phosphorus sticks (matches) can be unreliable. To begin with both matches and lighters are quickly depleted. Furthermore, both are susceptible to the elements, and a bit of moisture can render them both useless.

But there is a considerably high-tech method of getting a fire lit in a hurry that requires only the light of the sun. We all remember that one summer in the backyard when we discovered sunlight, a magnifying glass, and an anthill can be a recipe for disaster. (I almost burned down an old rotting shed)

This was due to the awesome power of optics to catch and greatly magnify the heat of the sun. Optical fire starters “via Amazon” are one of the most reliable and most accessible ways to begin a fire, once the dynamics are fully understood, and you have availed yourself of a suitable glass.

While it is very possible to produce fire with a conventional magnifying glass, and even two ice cubes if you are the MacGyver type, emergency optical fire starters are the most convenient and practical implementation of combustion. These simple tools are portable, endlessly functional and can be used to start a fire in a hurry if you understand some basic principles about optical fire starting.

This following article will illustrate a few best practices for using your emergency optical fire starter to keep yourself and anyone with you warm and safe even if stuck in some remote canyon where the cold night is fast approaching.

How to Use Emergency Optical Fire Starters

Not only is the capacity to start a fire optically highly useful, but the techniques and practices are essential to outdoor survival and a good thing to keep under your hat. The first thing to understand is the fire comes from the sun, so the more direct your sunlight, the better. You will not be able to start a fire optically at night or if the sun has not climbed high into the sky.

(Tip: A smart outdoorsmen will usually have a few fire-starting options on hand for dark days and stormy skies.) Nevertheless, once the sun is high you will have a limitless store of fire starting power in your emergency optical fire starter. The point of the process is to gather the right amount of sun rays onto a pile of dry kindling. If the position of the sun and magnifying glass are just right and the kindling selected properly, the fire will come.

Why the Emergency Optical Fire Starter Works

The magic behind optical fire starters is photons. Photons are the theoretical “packages” of light energy that carry visible light from the sun to our planet. They contain valuable heat energy as anyone who spends time running around in the sun could tell you.

When these photons are guided through the glass of your optical fire starter, the path they follow is narrowed and great amounts of photons and their heat energy can be targeted on a small point. The smaller you can make the point of light passing through your optical implement the greater the concentration and the higher the subsequent temperatures.

Once the temperatures have reached an astonishingly low 450°F, you will see some reaction in the kindling. This will begin as a bit of smoke but quickly change into a small flame if fed just enough oxygen. This is the part that requires some finesse and any smart survivalist will hone their skills in handling the emergency optical fire starter before these skills are required in an emergency situation.

A gentle stream of air is all that is needed until the fire grows and stronger puffs will be needed for the kindling to ignite the tinder which will, in turn, ignite larger logs and branches which will be the fuel to keep the fire burning.

Extra Tips on Fire Starting with an Emergency Optical Firestarter

Starting a suitable fire is a skill that should be practiced to perfection. A skilled outdoors person can have a bonfire blazing within 5 minutes and this is a goal you should aim and prepare for. After properly handling an optical fire starter the biggest trick will be gathering proper fuel in a hurry.

Fuel abounds in any type of terrain except possibly the deep deserts but making the best selection for your needs will be imperative. Dry leaves, thin twigs and bark make great tinder and will readily ignite to the power of a lighter or match. But only fine kindling will work for your emergency optical lighter.

You will want to find the finest fibers of bark and dry leaf materials to begin a fire and will need a good handful. Use your hands or ax to break up bark chunks to expose and shred finer fibers within, this is called “punk” and has saved many lives.

You can also increase your chances of success if you choose darker kindling fibers. Optical fire starting is very susceptible to reflection and absorption, light materials like a sheet of white paper will burn, but so many photons will be reflected that a fire may not actually start, even in the middle of the day. As the hues of the kindling darken, more photon energy is absorbed and this can ignite a flame far easier.

Finally, the big trick in getting the most out of your emergency optical fire starter  “via Amazon” is to appreciate what a powerful tool you have in your hand. The key is in the special design that allows the greatest number of photons in the small surface area of the glass to be channeled to a specific spot on the kindling. The same can be attempted with binoculars or other optics but the optical fire starter was designed for this very purpose and makes the task considerably easier.

Building a Compact Solar Panel System of Your Own

Many people and businesses alike are waking up to the possibilities of using alternative energy sources, such as solar power. It can have a significant impact on your carbon footprint and can reduce your reliance on the local utilities and the overall grid. Also, using solar power, even in a limited sense, can be an economically sound choice that will allow you to keep more money in your pocket every month. That is why many people consider the possibilities of building a solar power system.

Creating a compact solar power system has many different benefits, and they extend beyond the fact that you can generate usable electricity from the sun. First of all, you can save tens of thousands of dollars over having a commercial solar panel system installed by creating a simple unit on your own. Also, when you build your solar panel system, you have that knowledge and can carry it with you at all times. If we should happen to enter into a time when it is necessary to supply ourselves with more power, you can use that knowledge to build additional systems and live free of the grid entirely.

The following are some of the steps necessary to build your solar panel system. You will be amazed to find out that it isn’t quite as tricky as it appears to be.

First of all, you need to have a resource for cheap solar power cells. You can buy them from a wide variety of locations, but if you’re just trying to get started inexpensively, you can order them online. Rather than spending money on the highest quality, you can only get a lower quality solar cell that has proven itself with good results. When making your choice as to which solar cells you will purchase, read the reviews carefully.

While you are waiting for the solar cells to arrive, it’s time to plan everything else carefully. A wooden board will be used as the base for the solar panel, and you can temporarily draw on the solar power cells to fit on the board. This will include the separation of the cells from each other. Having this laid out in advance will allow you to get right to the building project when the cells arrive.

It is also a good idea to gather any tools that may be needed for the overall project. By now, you already have the board cut for the base and everything laid out. When the cells arrive, you will need to solder them in place so you should have a soldering iron, flux, and solder. Always work safely, so make sure that you have safety glasses available. Once the solar cells are in place, you will also need to measure the voltage using a multimeter.

When the solar cells finally arrive, you may be overly excited, but you need to be cautious when you’re unpacking them. These cells are going to be extremely brittle and thin, so you need to handle them very gently. Unpack the cells and begin to arrange them carefully on the board in place. You will then need to start the process of soldering the wires so that the solar cells are interconnected.

The general method for interconnecting the cells is similar to interconnecting batteries inside of a toy. The wire is going to go from the positive lead in one cell to the negative lead in the next cell. You also need to be cautious that you don’t wire too many together or you may end up with a dangerous amount of power. It is best to limit yourself to 24 V at the most. At a minimum, however, you will need 12 V to power the inverter and convert the power from DC to AC.

Further preparation may be necessary for the board to put everything together properly. After the wiring has been completed, the cells are going to need to be put into place, and you need to be cautious that you don’t cause any damage to them when maneuvering them. Holes may need to be drilled for the wires, and you may even find that having a paneling system in place is going to help everything to fit neatly into the area where it belongs.

At this point, the solar panel is ready to generate some electricity, but it still needs to be connected to the batteries and an inverter. It is possible to use a lead acid type of battery, such as a car battery. Most people, however, find that it is best to buy batteries that are specific for this purpose. It allows for the storage of power, and it also keeps you from damaging the car battery, which you may need to power your automobile.

If there is one thing that is going to surprise you about making your own compact solar panel system, it’s the fact that it is very affordable to do so. You may end up spending anywhere between $200 and $500 for the system, but it is going to pay off very quickly once you begin using the power that comes directly from the sun. You can even ramp things up at this point and create additional solar panels so that you can be completely independent of the grid.

There are many different ways that you can power your home and do so using the natural energy that is found in the world around us. Many people have found that solar panels are the best way to do so because the sun shines everywhere and even if it is cloudy, solar panels can still collect the energy from diffuse sunlight and convert it into electricity.

Teaching yourself how to build your solar panel system is somewhat liberating. It helps you to save money, which indeed is a benefit but it also makes you more independent from the control of your local utilities.

Can You Recondition All Types of Old Batteries?

An old battery isn’t as useless as one might assume.

The typical reaction is to ignore or toss out an old battery but what if it could be reconditioned? In general, most people think about this for a few seconds before heading to the store for a new purchase.

However, this read is going to answer the question.

Let’s take a look at whether or not you can recondition all types of batteries and how it’s done for those who are interested in the idea.

This is a beautiful DIY project for those who want to take the next step with their old batteries.

Reconditioning Batteries

Let’s begin by understanding the different types of batteries.

The variations are out there, and each one can be approached with patience and attention to detail. If that’s how you approach them, the DIY project will be a breeze, and you’ll save a pretty penny along the way.

Types of batteries include:

1) Laptop Batteries
2) Car Batteries
3) Hybrid Batteries
4) Lead Acid Batteries
5) Nicad Batteries
6) And More!

The list is long, and it’s all about recognizing the potential of bringing it back up to speed again.

If you learn how to do it, you will realize the potential of reconditioning when done right.

How To Recondition Battery

1) Laptop Battery

The laptop battery is a standard item that has to be reconditioned.

You are going to follow a specific set of steps with this solution, and it will kick back to life.

Step 1: Cut Power Source and Remove Battery from the Laptop
Step 2: Place Battery in a Separate (Large) Plastic Bag
Step 3: Tightly Zip or Close the Bag and Place in Freezer for 12-14 Hours
Step 4: Remove from Bag, Wipe It, and Set Back into Place
Step 5: Let Battery Recharge Without Turning Laptop On
Step 6: Check Battery’s Performance Now

This will work like a charm and is an excellent way to recondition the battery.

2) Car Battery

The next type of battery is a car battery, and it tends to flutter from time to time.

So, what do you do about it?

Step 1: Remove the Car Battery (and Accompanying Rubber)
Step 2: Remove Caps and Start to Fill Battery With Water (Distilled)
Step 3: Recharge Battery But Don’t Put The Caps Back Into Place
Step 4: Charge It For At Least One Hour (Look For Bubbles To Appear)
Step 4B: If Not — Switch Positive and Negative Wires and Wait Two Minutes (Bubbles Will Appear)
Step 5: Now Recharge For Additional Half Hour
Step 6: Check Battery

3) NiCad Battery

This is a typical battery seen in various devices.

Step 1: Begin with a Flash Camera Capacitor
Step 2: Add Switch and Battery Holder to Flash Camera Capacitor (Carefully!)
Step 3: Begin to Stick Wires To Black Cylinder Before Connecting to Switch and Battery Holder
Step 4: Check for Insulation
Step 5: Put Alkaline Battery into Flash Camera Capacitor and NiCad Battery Into Battery Holder
Step 6: Hit Switch and Repeat Steps.
Step 7: Wait For Snapping Sound (Means It Worked!)
Step 8: Check Battery

These are examples of how batteries can be reconditioned with the right approach without breaking a sweat or having to do too much work!

Benefits of Reconditioning Battery

1) Maximizes Value of Investment

You want to optimize the value of your investment because that’s more important than anything else. You want to take the time to get more out of the battery. In one go, the battery is just not going to work as well as it can over time. However, people toss their battery out in seconds and never give it a chance.

You need to recondition it as soon as possible to save money and get more out of your investment.

2) Simple To Do

It’s one thing to hate DIY projects that are complicated, but this is not one of them.

It is easy to do and is only going to take a few minutes and minimal effort. As long as you know what you’re doing, the experience is going to be a breeze. You’re not even going to feel it, and that is why people adore it so much. Just set things up, follow the directions mentioned above, and you’re on your way to a reconditioned battery.

It doesn’t get easier than this for those who want to make the most of their asset.

3) Generates Similar Power Metrics

What is the primary purpose of a battery? It is designed to help create power and make things run whether it’s a car, laptop, or something else.

If it doesn’t generate enough power, how are you going to run the asset?

This is why you want to take the time to recondition the battery and let it power your asset for a long time to come. It is going to produce similar power metrics, and you’re going to notice a change in how the body reacts. This is key when it comes to the little details and keeping things on track.

4) Saves the Environment

In the end, you’re helping the environment, and that is an indirect benefit on its own. You want to help the planet and buying a new battery isn’t the answer.

It’s better to recondition a battery and bring it back up to speed. This is how you’re going to save a lot of money and become a positive contributor on planet Earth at the same time.

These are the details one need to know when it comes to reconditioning batteries. Make sure to take time and analyze the battery before putting together a solution. In the end, this is one of the easiest DIY projects one can take on, and it will save money. Ignoring it and buying a new battery is never the answer. It’s better to look at this as a significant investment and one you want to get a lot out of. A reconditioned battery is putting money in your pocket, and that’s never bad.

Get started and look at bringing your battery back to life.

Tips For How To Build A Backyard Chicken Coop

No longer restricted to rural areas, chickens can be found in suburban and even urban locations throughout the nation. Many things are driving the trend, not the least of which is the promise of fresh, delicious eggs every morning. However, if you want to reap the rewards of having chickens, you must set yourself up for success when building your chicken coop.

For most folks, the backyard is the ideal location for their chicken coop. However, before you start measuring out where you want to place it, consider the layout of the land. Consider putting the coop beneath a tree with rich summer foliage and bare branches in the winter. The leaves will protect from the heat while the branches offer plenty of room for light to reach the coop when the temperatures drop. If you don’t have a deciduous tree to provide shade, you will need to use a shade cloth to protect them from the intense rays and accompanying heat.

Your chickens are going to need two separate areas to be comfortable and provide steady egg production. While there are various ways to execute your chicken coop plans, you will still utilize both. The first is an enclosed area where the chickens have privacy. The second is for running around.

For the enclosed space, you will want to be sure that you plan sufficient room for each of your chickens to sleep and lay their eggs. If you crowd them, your production rates will likely suffer as a result. You will want to have this part of the coop elevated at least two feet above the ground. Doing so will not only help keep their nests dry, it will allow their droppings to fall beneath where you can quickly collect them for disposal or fertilizer.

The nesting area should have a direct opening to the roaming area. During the day, your chickens should be allowed to walk around freely, so make sure to provide plenty of room for them to enjoy.

Determining the total size is one of the early steps in planning your backyard chicken coop. There are minimum standards regarding how much area you need for each bird in the two sections, but you can always provide more. In the nesting area, each bird will need at least two square feet and twice as much in the run.

However, these standards will provide little room for the birds to roam freely and can create disagreeable natures in the chickens. Unless you have very little space to work with, try to provide your chickens with additional room in both areas. Doing so will increase their comfort, potentially improving the quality and quantity of the eggs you find each morning.

With the shorter and colder days of winter egg production naturally begins to decline. However, you don’t have to wait until the spring to have fresh eggs again. When you are setting up your chicken coop, add lighting inside that will cast a warm glow and enhance their mood and production. If you are uncertain about which lights and arrangements will work best, you will need to find coops with the same configuration as yours to see the options.

For the inside of the coop, you will need nesting boxes or baskets for each of the chickens. Roosting perches and plenty of straw will help to make the cozy nesting section comfortable for all of your little-feathered friends. Make sure that any baskets or containers that you choose are safe for use with your chickens. For instance, could a painted basket be toxic?

You can find multiple floor plans online that will tell you in detail how to create a chicken coop. These will vary in size, scope, and accuracy. Make sure that you opt for a dependable plan that has been well-reviewed by a vast number of people. You cannot judge by price alone, but you should be cautious regarding freebies. Some are fantastic, and others are not. You will have to be the judge for yourself if you go that route.

It is essential that you provide proper ventilation for your chickens or they could become ill. Though fresh air can enter from beneath the coop, it has nowhere to go. However, if you create an exit at the top for the heat to escape, your chickens will have fresh air. You can cut vents on the tops of the walls or leave a gap between the walls and the roof eaves. Cover the open area with chicken wire.

Many nocturnal critters enjoy catching a chicken from someone’s coop, and you certainly don’t want it to be yours! As mentioned above, you must carefully cover all open sections with chicken wire to prevent predatory paws grabbing your birds. Additionally, you need to use a secure lock and latch system for locking your chickens away at night. Raccoons and similar animals with paws can flick primary latches. Make sure you use the best locking system possible along with high-quality chicken wire to keep your fluffy feathered friends safe from the nocturnal predators that want to take them from the safety of your chicken coop.

When you are designing the coop, think about the daily care tasks associated with it. You might want to adjust the location slightly to make it easier to access certain supplies. On the other hand, you could construct a coop with a walk-in design that will allow you to take care of everything in a fast, easy system. With all of your scrubbing supplies, a rain collection system and storage for their food, you will be able to clean the coop quickly, tend to their food and water needs, and have some chat time with the cute clucking members of the household.

If you keep these things in mind while you are planning for and installing your new backyard chicken coop, you should have a great home that your little chickens will love for years to come!

How To Make Pemmican Taste Delicious

Native Americans first relied upon pemmican for a kind of nutritious food that did not require refrigeration for long-term storage. This concentrated blend of protein and fat might have been the first American super food. In modern times, people still rely upon this survival food for their emergency kit or even for regular meals or snacks. If you want to make some to taste, store, or share, you will certainly be interested in these tips to make pemmican taste delicious.

Tips To Make Pemmican Taste Good

First, this article will cover the simple basics of making tasty pemmican at home. The pemmican recipe uses one pound of meat, so if you plan to use more, you can adjust the rest of the ingredients. Traditional methods called for meat from game. You can certainly also use beef or any other kind of red meat that you have on hand.

To make your pemmican taste better, you’re free to exercise some creativity. You might include berries that you dry out at the same time as the meat. You can also use dried spices, onion, garlic, or whatever suits your fancy. For your convenience, you might purchase some of these ingredients dried, or you can dry them yourself in a food dehydrator or oven as outlined below.

Follow these simple steps for the basic pemmican recipe:

Salt and Dry Meat And Berries

You should salt the meat well because the salt will help with preservation and inhibit bacterial growth. Also, salt will make your final product taste much better. Kosher or another kind of coarse salt works well for salting meat.

After salting, cut the meat into thin strips. Cut any fat off of the meat and set it aside to make tallow. You only want to dry the meat and not the fat.

The easiest way to dry your meat strips is by following instructions that come with a food dehydrator. If you don’t have one, you can also use your oven. Just the strips of salted meat on a cookie sheet or baking pan set the oven to about 100 to 150 degrees F, and then leave the stove alone for about 15 hours. You might want to open the oven door for a few seconds every few hours to relieve some of the moisture that has escaped from your meat.

The meat should be crispy and dry when it is finished. If you want to include berries or other fruit or vegetables in your pemmican to help improve the taste, even more, you should dry them in the oven at the same time that you dry out the meat.

Rendering Meat Tallow From Fat

The easiest way to make tallow is to use a slow cooker. You can use the fat that you have cut off of the meat. If you don’t have enough fat, you can also visit your meat department or butcher and ask for fat or suet. In some cases, they might even give trimmings to you without a charge. Your ratio of tallow to your dried meat mixture should be about one to six, but some people vary this.

Just put the fat into a slow cooker for a few hours until it liquefies, and some crispy bits float on top. If you don’t render fat, it can get putrid quickly. However, once you render the fat, strain out any solids, you will have tallow that can last for months or even for years.

Making Pemmican

First, you want to grind the meat any other dried ingredients. The easiest way to do this is in a food processor. Once you’ve turned your dried ingredients into a fine powder, you can just mix it with the tallow. Then, let it mixture cool off, form it into serving-sized bars or balls, and store it in plastic bags.

Suggestions To Make Pemmican Delicious

Even traditional pemmican could vary a lot by the tribe or location. When European settlers learned about this kind of food from Native Americans, they also started making their own recipes for it. Berries and cherries are a popular addition. Some people also prefer to add ground, dried nuts and a bit of almond flour. Spices, such as thyme, rosemary, and curry, are also popular ways to season pemmican to make it taste delicious.

Some folks would prefer not to use meat fat to make tallow. You can vary the recipe by using peanut butter for the fat. Use about one-eighth cup of peanut butter and a teaspoon of honey for every two pounds of dried meat. You can also add a cup of dried berries and some chopped nuts, peanuts, or sunflower seeds. Of course, you can also develop your own vegan pemmican by using more chopped nuts and no meat.

Why Is Pemmican Still Popular

Native Americans were often nomadic. At least, some members of a tribe or clan would leave the encampment for long periods to find game or trade. They relied upon pemmican as a portable source of food that would provide them with nutrition and would not spoil. Pemmican should easily last for months, and some people have stored pemmican that is still edible and tasty after years have passed.

Of course, in the old days, people would have to make pemmican by drying meat over a smoky fire. Then they would need to pound their dried meat with stones to create the powdery mix. Lucky for you, you can just use a food dehydrator or oven and a food processor or blender. You also aren’t limited by the available natural food around you and can come up with many exciting variations for this treat.

Besides setting pemmican aside for your survival kit, you can also make some for hiking or camping. Some people even enjoy making this traditional food for holidays, like Thanksgiving. They send off small bars or balls of pemmican with their kids for school lunches too because it doesn’t require refrigeration. Because you can make pemmican taste good, you and your family should look forward to this healthy treat.

What You Should Do Within 60 Minutes After SHTF

The first hour after a catastrophic event happens is very crucial. The article provided several important things to do within the first hour. The first thing to do is establish priority. The main priority is security. In the situation that you are in how secure are you and your family? Access that question and get to safety. The second thing to do is access what has happened. Is it an EMP, are you able to watch the news to figure out the problem? Once you have pieced together the problem as best as you can, you need to decide if you should bunker down or leave. The closer you are to the problem the more likely you need to leave. The next thing to do is figure out any problems. What happens if the car breaks, are you able to walk miles with a big bag? Lastly, you should keep a low profile. There is no need to brag to everyone about what you have because that will eventually lead to problems. In conclusion, the first 60 minutes are very important and it is necessary to remain calm and follow those steps.

First Hour Into SHTF Key Takeaways:

  • If someone is prepping for a big disaster, one of the most critical points is knowing what to do in the first hour after the event takes place.
  • The first key steps are to establish priorities, identify the main problems at hand, and make decisions upon the key steps that must be taken to react to the scenario.
  • One of the absolute requirements for preparation is practice – a well-practiced individual will be able to act almost by second nature when the real situation arises.

“After your family is secure and you identified the problem that caused all the world to go mad, is time to act on your bugging in or bugging out plan.”

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