What You Should Do Within 60 Minutes After SHTF

The first hour after a catastrophic event happens is very crucial. The article provided several important things to do within the first hour. The first thing to do is establish priority. The main priority is security. In the situation that you are in how secure are you and your family? Access that question and get to safety. The second thing to do is access what has happened. Is it an EMP, are you able to watch the news to figure out the problem? Once you have pieced together the problem as best as you can, you need to decide if you should bunker down or leave. The closer you are to the problem the more likely you need to leave. The next thing to do is figure out any problems. What happens if the car breaks, are you able to walk miles with a big bag? Lastly, you should keep a low profile. There is no need to brag to everyone about what you have because that will eventually lead to problems. In conclusion, the first 60 minutes are very important and it is necessary to remain calm and follow those steps.

First Hour Into SHTF Key Takeaways:

  • If someone is prepping for a big disaster, one of the most critical points is knowing what to do in the first hour after the event takes place.
  • The first key steps are to establish priorities, identify the main problems at hand, and make decisions upon the key steps that must be taken to react to the scenario.
  • One of the absolute requirements for preparation is practice – a well-practiced individual will be able to act almost by second nature when the real situation arises.

“After your family is secure and you identified the problem that caused all the world to go mad, is time to act on your bugging in or bugging out plan.”

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Prepping Lessons To Learn From The Disaster In Puerto Rico

There are several preparation lessons to be learned from Puerto Rico’s post-Maria experience:
1) Electrical grid restoration takes months.
2) Communications Equipment may be destroyed as well.
3) Expect mobility/transportation issues, particularly if airports are incapacitated.
4) The three impacts listed above can introduce supply-chain dependency problems far from the disaster zone.
5) Household scale water filtration is necessary for extended recovery periods.
6) Backup shelters may be destroyed or made unreachable. Tents are useful, simple solutions in these scenarios.

Key Takeaways:

  • Infrastructure problems are one of the biggest issues after a large disaster event.
  • Basic necessities such as clean water and shelter become paramount in the wake of a large disaster.
  • Secluded areas should be sure to stock up on supplies before a disaster event as supply chains will be greatly effected afterward.

“As preppers, it behooves us to be prepared to go beyond the three-day preparations recommended by the government, and instead prepare for longer running disasters, as even an event that is typically short run, e.g. a hurricane, can morph into a long running disaster scenario.”

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Wilderness Survival: Hunting, Trapping And Fishing

Ask yourself If you need to survive in the wilderness in an emergency situation, can you? t You need to be able to provide for yourself and family because the food you will have with you. Most likely will only last 3 days or so of water and food. Most people think they will just hunt and get their food that way, but it is not easy to do. There are less animals around in the modern world than in the old days when people survived by hunting. Likely you will need to combine hunting big animals with trapping smaller animals and with effective ways of fishing to survive in a wilderness survival situation.

Key Takeaways in Wilderness Survival:

  • Since the average bug out bag has about three days of food, fishing, foraging and hunting are apt to quickly become critical skills for those forced to live outside.
  • Living in a land that’s a lot less natural and pristine, besides no longer teeming with game, means hunting and trapping are both harder than in the pioneering days.
  • Unless you have the time to spend tracking big game and learning their habits, the inherent time-waste of the process makes hunting less efficient for day to day needs than trapping.

“The truth is, it’s much harder to live off the land than it used to be.”

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7 Terrifying Realities Of Long-Term Blackouts (That You’ve Probably Never Considered) – Ask a Prepper

The article speaks to a long term blackout, damaging our infrastructure for a period of three months or more. Water may be contaminated during a long term blackout, by where there will have no knowledge if the water is pure or not. With the loss of water brings inability to property dispose of waste, harboring disease within sewage. Trash will go uncollected creating mass waste bringing pests and animals. Disease will spread, and the long term costs of recovery will mount. Therefore being prepared to take on these challenges if they were to come to fruition is essential.

Key Takeaways:

  • The quality and availability of water will become a serious issue
  • uncollected trash will build up in the streets attracting vermin and other pests which will spread disease
  • Bills may mount as some bills will need to be paid regardless . It would be prudent to have emergency funds in place.

“That means that after 9 meals most people will hit a hard wall and have to start making terrible decisions about food, water and other provisions.”

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The Renegade Gear Solar Powered Battery

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Flu Prevention, Flu Symptoms, Who Is At Risk, And What To Do If You Get It

It’s flu season. If you have the flu stay home. If you have to go out wear a mask. Drink lots of water and get lots of rest. Wash your hands often and use disinfectants like lysol. Serious cases require medicine like tamaflu. Pregnant women, elderly and babies are at a higher risk of getting the flu. Some symptoms include severe aches, weakness, sore throat and runny nose. You can also get sinus and ear infections with the flu.

Key Takeaways:

  • Flu vaccines are not always 100% effective on the general population.
  • The flu is serious and not to be taken lightly. Preventative measures need to be taken.
  • It can be treated if you get plenty of rest, fluids and quarantine.

“In a ‘moderately severe’ year like we are currently experiencing, deaths have reached up to 56,000.”

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Why People Will Happily Line Up to be Microchipped Like Dogs

Yes, people micro-chipped is what we are talking about. Humans will soon be lining up to get micro-chipped like dogs. There are people who have already been micro-chipped.This is in order to make it easier for their job. These people willingly wanted to get micro-chipped and even had a micro-chipping party. It is only a matter of time before more and more people are getting themselves micro-chipped. Micro-chipping will become the new thing that people will use to pay for things. It could be used at the airport or even use it instead of a drivers license. Eventually it will be something that everyone has.

Key Takeaways of People Micro-Chipped

  • The introduction of microchips will lead to a cashless society.
  • Microchips would make operations like shopping, opening rooms, and accessing devices easier.
  • Microchips may violate an individual’s privacy since every movement and activity can be monitored and recorded in a database.

“they had a microchipping party and some people got chipped live on TV so the rest of us reluctant humans could all see how cool it was to get microchipped”

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Can The US Survive An EMP Attack?

Super-EMP Threat missile

North Korea’s threats of an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) attack have prompted investigation by the US’s defense councils into potential damage control situations. Said EMP attack would knock out electricity in large portions of the affected area, although a nationwide outage is extremely unlikely. The lack of power could cause significant damage to the electric grid and severely damage the infrastructure. It would also cause lots of death, due to increase in crime from lack of communication and control. There are some preventative measures that can minimize destruction, but they would be very expensive to implement.

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What Bugging Out Means to Me

The term “bugging out” is used by survivalists, but often has a huge variety in meaning for each person. Instead, the author explains that most instances of leaving your home for a period of time are short and temporary, such as natural disasters. You are encouraged to make plans ahead of time, like knowing what hotels nearby accept dogs, or even making plans with family to have a place for an event in the future. Even in a world-ending event, the need to stick in a group prevents “bugging out” as going alone into the world with nothing but you and the contents of your bag. So realistically, “bugging out” isn’t a thing that many people are going to do.

Key Takeaways:

  • Preparedness is not a universal concept. Everyone has their own version of what it means to be prepared.
  • Bugging out means evacuating quickly in the event of a disaster.
  • It is important to keep a bug out bag and plan ahead. Just running off into the wilderness is not usually a good plan.

“the vast majority of disasters that would cause you to head out of town with a quickness will be:

a) temporary


b) localized”

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