Prepping Guide for Winter Survival

Prepping Guide for Winter Survival

The Winter can be a time for holiday cheers and a break from the work-time setting, but it is also the time for us all the bundle up and stay warm. Even the most prepared can fail to best prepare themselves come wintertime and need to take extra steps to ensure they’re nice and warm away from the elements. This prepping guide will show you many different ways to combat nature’s icy touch.

Key Takeaways:

  • To stay warm – have multiple layers available. Wool base layers, followed by a clothing layer, then a core warmer (like a vest), and an outer sweater. A jacket on top of that, along with a hat, gloves, and warm socks, and any human can stay warm in even the harshest cold weather.
  • Look into purchasing a gas stove, along with extra gas containers. A generator is a basic prepping piece of equipment, and can also be used to power heating devices like space heaters.
  • Water is more of an immediate need, so make sure that you have several options for gathering it. If you live near a stream or river, have multiple filters to use in case one breaks or is lost.

“Preventing yourself from exposure to the cold is the first step in winter survival.”

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