A Storm is Coming: Preppers Must Stay Vigilant in 2017

A Storm is Coming: Preppers Must Stay Vigilant in 2017

Just because the economy seems to be improving, Christmas is happened and a new president has been elected is not reason to not continue to prep. The unemployment rate may be down, but it is also not true, it under-reports. The economy is not good, just have to look at articles by Shaun Bradley ( The PHasing Out of Physical Money Has Begun) and Susan Dulco (We are Facing the Most Important BAttle of All at the Most Dangerous Moment in History”. Continue to prep and continue to stock up on precious metals, food, and supplies. Don’t let the holiday cheer distract you from the prepping work.

Key Takeaways:

  • The welcoming of a new President brings renewed hope in our government system; however, there is a lot of road to travel before the country is fixed.
  • As preppers, we must keep an eye on indicators like the economy and unemployment.
  • Stock up on your precious metals and long-term food supplies and water procurement capabilities.

“The economy of the United States will take quite some time to recover.”


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