If You Poke Your Phones Battery With A Knife This Happens

If You Poke Your Phones Battery With A Knife This Happens


I would like to say in the beginning, TEND NOT TO ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME Just about all people carry cell phones that have lithium-ion batteries (also called Li-ion batteries), and we’d never even remotely think of our mobiles as being flammable.

The one who made this video was clearly fascinated with seeing what would occur if he poked his cell phone to the battery, using a sharp knife. Observing what happens in this video took my breath away even though it’s exceedingly improbable our cellphones would spontaneously combust.

Although, using the batteries that are existing we definitely don’t have any reason to be concerned with flammability under ordinary conditions, it could be a great thing to get a safer alternative to these Li-ion batteries. Something was found lately, by research workers who have been trying locate a stuff to make use of on the underside from attaching to the undersides of boats, that will prevent marine life. Within their research they made an incidental finding of a method to make nonflammable Li-ion batteries. PFPE is a substance with the same chemical structure of the electrolyte utilized in the batteries that are current. It’s being examined that they can be a marketable option, so your batteries in cellular phones will not have potential that is combustable. When you observe when prodded in this video how fast the mobile blows up, you can concur that it’d not be bad to locate a nonflammable choice. It was undoubtedly somewhat frightening how fast the mobile went upward in flames.