How To Stay Warm With The Power Out

How To Stay Warm With The Power Out

When the power’s out you can use a wood stove, but you would have to already be set up for it. You could also use electrical power generators, but some of them are expensive. Fireplaces usually only heat up one room. However, heating up one room in a winter emergence is all you really need. It would be very expensive to heat your entire home with a generator.

Key Takeaways:

  • evryone in the house should stay in the same small room in a power outage
  • set up a tent in a room and sleep in that.
  • cover yourself with a mylar blanket and the tent too.

“You can definitely stay warm and cozy indoors in sub-zero winter climates when the power goes out. Yes, you and your family members may be driven mad having to spend so much time in a single room together, you may be absolutely covered from head to toe in coats and blankets and mylar tarps, but you said you wanted to stay warm, didn’t you?”

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