Why a Dutch Oven Should Be Part of Your Survival Kit

Why a Dutch Oven Should Be Part of Your Survival Kit

A Dutch oven is so versatile and will help you cook all kinds of things. This explains more about it. It’s definitely a must have cooking tool. There’s not a lot you can’t make in one if you feel like it. This is an informative and interesting read and will make you want to buy a Dutch oven.

Key Takeaways:

  • A “Dutch” oven has a rounded top and no legs and can be used in a conventional oven on top of a stove, or on an outdoor propane fish cooker of grill.
  • A cheap, poorly-made oven won’t work particularly well, and you’ll probably end up replacing it with a quality piece.
  • If your plan is to use mostly charcoal briquettes with your outdoor cooking, a Chimney Starter will make life much, much easier for you.

“Go get a cast iron Dutch oven. This cooking tool has a proven track record, and it can use virtually any heat source.”


image via depositphotos.com/ ©svetlanka7777

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