Don’t Get Stranded Without a Get Home Bag

Don’t Get Stranded Without a Get Home Bag

It is important to not get stranded without a get home bag. Whether you are in a natural disaster or a man made one, you will need to have a bag that can carry many things you will need. There are many items you will need for your own safety and the safety of your entire family.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be it natural or man-made disaster you need a 72 hour get home bag. This is an essential prepper tool to ensure your survival and your family’s.
  • This should be considered in two ways: one you need to get home to your family because they rely on you and you need to make sure if your family is with you can survive for a short time period while getting to your home or to a survivable situation.
  • So the steps to put together a get home bag you will need a number of items for your survival. First is a small ruck sack/backpack.

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