How To Build Your Best Camouflage

How To Build Your Best Camouflage

There is a lot that goes into building your best camouflage. It is not a very easy task. Camouflage gear is something you must have for people like soldiers and snipers. If you want to blend into your surroundings and not be seen, then camouflage is perfect for you. Color is essential when trying to look invisible.

Key Takeaways:

  • The key elements for efficient camouflage are inspired from the animal reign (think polar bears or chameleons), i.e.
  • the color scheme is essential, together with efficient 3D dimensional textures, which is aimed at diffusing and blending your figure/silhouette into the surroundings, thus fooling the eye.
  • commercial or home-made regular 2D (bi-dimensional) camouflage is pretty good at helping you blending into all sorts of backgrounds,

“Ghillie suits are arguably the best type of camouflage one can wear, as it helps you to integrate seamlessly (if it’s proper made obviously) into your surroundings, as it uses branches, foliage and/or leaves to break up your silhouette.”

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