7 Ways You Can Generate Power After a Disaster

7 Ways You Can Generate Power After a Disaster

There are seven ways you can generate power after a disaster. From a deadly storm to a terrorist attack, there is a way to generate power after the fact. Harnessing the power of a river, or stream is one of the best ways to get power. It is not the most practical thing to do, but it certainty works great.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be it natural or man-made disaster you need a 72 hour get home bag
  • This is an essential prepper tool to ensure your survival and your family‚Äôs.
  • you need to get home to your family because they rely on you and you need to make sure if your family is with you can survive for a short time period while getting to your home or to a survivable situation.

“One of the most reliable ways to generate electricity is by harnessing the power of a river or stream.”


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